Course TitleDRAWING I
DescriptionThis in-depth drawing studio introduces and builds upon fundamental drawing concepts that apply across disciplines. Line, value, shape, form, space, intent and other elements are included using direct observation. This comprehensive course reviews those basics of drawing using the portrait, still life, geometric shapes, landscape, interiors, and other disciplines. A series of problems designed to acquaint the students with perceptual and inventive skilled in drawing. Students will work with erasers, charcoals, pencils, pen and ink, black and white colored pencils, and conte crayons. Students will learn how to render shadows, highlights, perspective, space, depth, and gradation. Students will draw thumbnails, a midterm, a final composition and drawing ideas. Students will participate in critiques. Students will finish the course with a portfolio of drawings. Students are expected to purchase their own materials. Drawing I is a foundation course in drawing media and techniques; focusing on the study of objects and natural forms in problems of analysis and composition. This course is appropriate for experienced students and beginners. 3 Credits.
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SemesterFall 2022
ClassAR 121-025
Class No8293
Class TitleDRAWING I
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