Course TitleGENOMICS
DescriptionThis course focuses on the scientific study of whole-genome sequences and patterns of gene expression. This includes in-depth instruction in molecular and cellular biology, RNA/protein technologies, essential bioinformatics, and scientific and research ethics. The program immerses students in a unique environment devoted to better understanding the underlying causes of human genetic disease, leading to the development of novel methods for the detection, prevention, and treatment of heritable and genetic disorders. Also, establishing more robust methods for DNA-based forensic analyses, altering genome with unparalleled precision, embracing an appreciation for our identities and cultures. Through this course, students will learn everything about all the nucleic acid inside of a cell. This includes all the chromosomal DNA, RNA, including non-coding RNAs, and, if an organism is a eukaryote, this contains chromosomes from both the mitochondria and the nucleus. Commonly used techniques in high-throughput DNA sequencing, characterizing functional genes, massive parallel sequencing, comparative genomics, population genomics, transcriptomics, and ethical issues in human genomics research. Lecture: 3 hours per week. Lab: 3 hours per week. Prerequisites: BT 101, BT 201, and BI 246.
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SemesterFall 2022
ClassBT 202-008
Class No8860
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