Course ID004622
DescriptionThis course is an introduction to Medical/Surgical Nursing and focuses in basic care of the adult, including health assessments, wound care, patient treatments and care planning. Using the framework of basic human needs the student is provided the opportunity to collect data and apply the nursing process to selected patients. Application of scientific principles in the provision of patient care is accomplished in the clinical setting as well as during the seminar discussions. Individual progress in the development of the practical nurse role is achieved through completion of patient assessments., care plan formulation and implementation, a written narrative and a HESI examination. Nursing information and skills are presented in lab and clinical area. Seminar is presented in clinical conference settings. Prerequisites: PN102, PN105, PN107, HL111, BI113, and BI118. Lab: 38 hours. Seminar: 8 hours. Clinical:32 hours.
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Grading BasisGRD
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